“When I completed the base-relief of the Universe, which began in 1979, it was the year 1992.
It took a lot of patience to study its representation, choosing the noblest materials, seasoning and finishing and finally gilding in sheets.
I wanted to represent the beginning and the end, of every defined form that appears independent to us but has precise rules.
Each of them, in completing its cycle, generates its fellow men with more advanced bases and everything benefits and improves, for a mysterious end.
I sent the photograph of the base-relief, with the due specifications, and a poem, to media and cultural personalities.
The then editor of Il Messaggero wrote to me stating that my idea was somewhat unique, along with a competing journalist. In his article he complained no less that we had to worry not only about Catholic-Islamic problems, which are emerging more and more, but also about certain worshipers of the Universe. A few years later, stellar insemination was recorded with the space telescope. The birth of a star, generated by a ray transmitted from one star cluster to the other. My belief about the Universe, which lives in its space and is not alone, is not due to studies, which I have never made, much less from an idolatrous spirit but from genetic sums that my intelligence, agnostic and logic, possesses.

The Universe

Dear Universe,
how long my cycle will be completed
returning to you in no particular order
make us a particular woman
beautiful decisive genius
who has blond and brown children
with real men warrior poets
To study you I thought worked
to understand you I passed