Considerations from 1995

The environment will have to be restored.

The greenery of the Marche region has been sacrificed by a policy based solely on profit. Few trees remain, almost all in rows along the rivers and ditches. They are sick because they bear the insect and bacterial load alone as well as being poisoned by chemistry. Reforesting the soil to sow and then thinning is more natural, convenient in the choice, faster in growth. Never replant in a quadrilateral, with nursery plants, many lose the taproot and struggle to grow or die frustrating an expensive job. Anyone who owns land should occupy at least 10% of the forest. There is a need for noble trees, tall trees. Elms, bird’s rowans, alders, oaks, walnuts, cherry trees, ornaments, bacolari, ash trees, pear trees, apple trees, almond trees, laurels, tea roses, vinconi.
Everyone makes their choice more responsibly to the terrain, without waiting for or demanding subsidies from the state.