Becoming a sculptor is very easy

Architects, surveyors, professors and many others have demonstrated it. Just take paper and pencil, find an idea, that the donkey differences will not allow complain of plagiarism. As soon as you choose the material to use, you go to a craftsman in the sector to have it built. When ready, pull up the price and sign. The best is to have a political friend of some caliber. You get a contribution and a space to park it. If it will have to be restored in a decade, it doesn’t matter. For posterity is the difficult problem.
A sculptor is rare. Introvert, intolerant of the method, he has a difficult life and a post mortem recognition. Few understand it and are patrons. Mannerists hate him, they say he’s crazy, but he doesn’t care. Learn the trades with painstaking patience and stay there. To build what he has in mind, the result of genetic sums.
Clear ideas, which are the preview of the future.