Article taken from the Resto del Carlino of 27 January 1992

“Dearest, the atheist is sincere when he says:” I don’t believe in God? “. Not everyone believes in the sincerity of the atheist. The Bible puts it in the category of madmen: insipiens.
How can you not see the Creator in creatures? Everything is in function of the Grow and multiply. I ask you that you were friends with Prezzolini. Say it softly: is there an atheist of proven faith? “


I have carefully and repeatedly read what is written by the two “apostles” in the “say it softly” section.
With my imbecility, certified by historical books sacred to them, still condemned today more than ever without appeal, I believe I understand that such admirably cultured men are necessary for an orderly and effective control of the multitude. Who, all together, would never have as much courage as it shows who, like me, decides to live in the dark and fearful solitude of freedom of thought.
A decision that arose in me long ago.
To study consistently and understand nature with the utmost respect.