The versatile nature of this sculptor, intolerant to slow and pre-ordained structures and rules, drove him to leave school early and embark on a free journey. Convinced that a sculptor should be above all, an expert craftsman, he started training in various applied skills, without neglecting to study history of art, philosophy, spiritual and utopian ideologies.

During his first years as an apprentice he worked in a photographic and ceramics laboratory which ultimately led him to become its owner. At that time he managed to learn about the basic laws of chemistry and optics, largely useful in his subsequent artistic career.

Later on, as an artisan and a sculptor, he opened a workshop and applied his mastery as a carpenter, marble-carver and blacksmith, in order to create his works of art and bespoke furniture pieces. He originates ideas at the vanguard of his time, outside the boundaries of traditionalism, sensationalism or fringe art. Each piece is the result of a long thought process, mainly made of exquisite materials, abounding in gold and silver, and is time-consuming and patiently produced.

Often they bear two dates, those of the design and the last touch of the brush. The main artistic theme describes the infinity of space, seen through a square grid. The chromatic harmony enhances the strength of the universe in an apparent state of fragile equilibrium.

The fascinating ‘stellar insemination’, is a concept that emerged as far back as 1979. The world of universes and the respect for nature are all but inspirations for his bas-reliefs. Today, the monotheistic union as a universal logic is what engages and fascinates him.